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When people talk about the financial world, they will often throw around words like Bulge Bracket, Boutiques, Private Equity, DCF, Valuation and it goes on and on...

This probably seems intimidating to you, especially if this is something you are considering as a career. But do not worry. Our five part series on Investment Banking will cover everything from the basics, to a more in depth view of the individual sections of an Investment Bank.

Whether you are just curious to have some of the terms explained or want to prepare for your Spring Insight week, this will be a great commercial awareness booster.

Some of these sessions might be run in conjunctions with experts, and other presented by our in house ‘advisory’ team. (You will get that pun after you have participated!)


The structure of our five part series will be as follows:

Session 1  - Overview and Finance & Accounting Primer

Overview of Investment Banking - our first session will give you a general overview of everything that goes on in the Investment Banking sphere. If you are considering applying for any kind of internship, you should seriously consider coming along. 

We will also introduce you to:

  • Financial statements and their purpose

  • Capital structure: equity vs bond

  • Concept of risk and time value of money

Session 2​ - Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) - The most fabled aspect of Investment Banking. The one that everyone strives for. Two industry analysts will be going into detail here on what services Investment Banks provide, how these tie into the banking work and lastly they will walk you through a deal in all of its facets.

This sessions will cover the following areas:

  • Mergers vs acquisitions and types of M&A

  • Purposes of M&A

  • M&A deal lifecycle  

  • Real life deal overview

Session 3 - Capital Markets and Sales & Trading

In this session, we will first look at equity (and IPOs or Initial Public Offerings) and DCM (think restructuring) capital markets. We will finish our session by looking at a recent deal to bring some practical analysis to the theory.

Secondly, we will cover Sales and Trading - another well known aspect of Investment Banking. Who doesn’t want to try and emulate Jordan Belfort? Although reality is slightly different, we will be diving into the nitty gritty of Sales & Trading, and what goes on in those gleaming towers.

Session 4 - Valuation

This is a technical session, which will be very valuable if you are going to interview at an investment bank since you will definitely be asked a question on valuation techniques.  

In this session, we will explain:

  • Uses of valuation

  • Relative valuation techniques

  • Intrinsic valuation technique

  • Valuation example

Session 5  -  Practical: Acquisition Recommendation

This is a final session where you will apply the knowledge you have gained in the previous four sessions. You will be presented with a case of a company that is seeking growth through acquisition. As an investment banking analyst, you will need to create a recommendation based on the analysis of  potential target companies. 


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Dan Wardle

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Meghna Shrestha


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Gary Kirby 


Selbi Seitgulyyeva


Ritvik Mewari



Tim Knickmann

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Nikita Wad



Tim Knickmann

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Gary Kirby


Emad Yousaf


The WMRT sessions provide an insight into another area of the buy-side in the world of finance. The primary aim is to help our members understand how Asset and Wealth Management firms help institutions like pensions funds, insurance companies and high net worth individuals allocate their assets into different investment alternatives. WMRT achieves this through a range of interactive sessions ranging from a broad introduction to Asset and Wealth Management followed by an in-depth case study on financial planning. In addition to introducing members to Asset and Wealth Management, the WMRTs aim to provide the students with a platform that helps them build a career in this industry. Useful and effective tips are provided on application processes, interviews as well as the art of building a well rounded Linkedin profile by experienced and skilled professionals.

The Asset/Wealth Management Round table sessions were a great success last year with more than 60 members attending each event. Taking the positive impact of the events into consideration, we aim to further develop and lead these sessions in collaboration with our partners in the coming years.  


The structure of AWRT will be as follows:

Session 1 - Introduction to Wealth Management

Overview of Asset and Wealth Management – our first session will give you a general overview of everything that goes on in the Asset Management scope. We will guide you through the basics of financial planning, investing strategies, and help decode technical jargon.  If you are considering Asset or Wealth Management as a career path, these workshops will put you on the right learning curve. So come along!

Session 2 - Portfolio Construction

In this session, the industry professionals will explain you different investment strategies suitable for different client types, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of different strategies. To enhance your understanding, they will also run you through an example portfolio explaining what asset allocation and portfolio management is. At the end of the session, you will be split up into groups and assigned a potential client for which you will need to pitch an investment portfolio and a financial plan.

Session 3 - Life Planning

In our third session, RBC Brewin Dolphin will go over financial planning. The financial planning would be split into three age categories: the twenties, the thirties-forties and the fifties/retirement. At the end of the session, we will share key tips for pitching to clients, especially in the virtual environment

Session 4 - Other Components

This session will be of great use to every single one of you! Here, we will cover topics such as managing cash savings, planning cash flows, insurance, and tax efficiency. 

Session 5 - The Pitch

This is the last session, where you willpitch to a panel made up of representatives from RBC Brewin Dolphin. One of the groups will be announced the winner. The event will end with the handout of the RBC Brewin Dolphin x LUUTIS WMRT certificates

Please note that these events are subject to change, both in dates and in content. We will try to keep this space updated, but for the most up-to-date information, please visit our facebook page

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