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The Leeds University Union Trading and Investment Society (LUUTIS) was founded in 2010 with the purpose of bringing together like-minded students, developing their investment skills and knowledge base to help create the platform to secure a career in the financial services industry. We take students on the journey from applying for insight weeks right through to securing a graduate job. Having consulted the industry, the clear consensus is that academic success shapes only part of the formula in creating successful candidates. We endeavour to offer our members profound exposure to the highly competitive world of finance through invaluable first-hand experience gained through networking events, Virtual Fund management, conference trips, our market-watch discussions and skills workshops.

Message from the Committee

Welcome to the Leeds University Union Trading and Investment Society


It is a great privilege for us to serve as the representatives of LUUTIS members this year.


The LUUTIS members make our society what it is today, and as a whole, we are a diverse group of engaged and driven individuals from multiple backgrounds. Our members all share an interest in finance, and as a committee, we enjoy bringing this talented group of individuals together.

Following the success of our Investment Banking Roundtable, we are in a position to develop this series further with the Wealth Management and Private Equity Challenges as well as the Conferences on Green Finance and Development Finance. This is a result of LUUTIS continuously trying to represent the views of our ever-expanding interests.

The outbreak of COVID-19 is an unprecedented crisis for all of us. We at LUUTIS believe that now more than ever, it is vital that our members have the opportunity to build and enhance the relevant skill-sets. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to transform LUUTIS’s investment training programme to ensure that students are well prepared and ready to participate successfully in the labour market upon graduation.


Yours truly,


LUUTIS Committee 2020/21